We are an AASHTO Accredited Program (AAP) Laboratory since 2012. "The AASHTO Acredited Program (AAP) was  established in 1988 as a means of formally recognizing the competence of testing laboratories to perform specific tests on construction materials."*

Our Laboratory is also Validated by the Corps of Engineers Materials Testing Center (MTC).


GEO-Engineering’s laboratory has a wide variety of equipment to perform testing of construction materials including:




Masonry Units




Concrete and Mortar


Geotechnical Construction Inspection

GEO-Engineering’s technicians are meticulously trained on current construction practices and processes as well as on in-situ testing to ensure that construction projects fully comply with given sets of specifications.

Inspection services are available for:

  •  Earthwork Construction

  • Deep Foundation Installations – Piles and drilled shafts

  • Ground Improvement – Rammed aggregate piers, vibroflotation, grouting

  • Earth Retention Systems - Mechanically Stabilized Earth retention systems and others

  • Soil nails, tie-backs, slurry walls, tangent and secant pile walls, soldier beam and lagging walls, and sheetpiling


All GEO Engineering field technicians are Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified.

*AASHTO Accreditation FAQs webpage.